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Richland Bombers
CLASS of 1988

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Hi. This is Laura ROBERTS , and I maintain this site. I hope to add more information to the site and hope you will help with content. If you have any ideas or want to contribute to the site send me an email.

20 Year Reunion - Did you go?

I'll post more info on the reunion as I get it.

Elayne CROWE Grueber put together an "unofficial" reunion/memory book (PDF , 4MB). If you want to submit your information go ahead and send your text/pictures to Elayne and we can post an updated version periodically.

I posted the pictures I took from Friday night on the site. Here is the link: Friday Night Pictures.

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Click any blue/underlined "~Email" to send email.
®=Reunion Committee Member
Deceased names are in black. Click any deceased classmate's name
that is black/UNDERLINED for info or funeral notice.
(FES) = Foreign Exchange Student

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Ernie ADAIR (Honorary), Dawn Yvette ALFORD, Debra D. ALLEN (deceased) 1969-1992, A'lisa Dawn ANDERSEN (deceased) 1969-2012, Kevin P. ANDERSON, Douglas William "Doug" ARLT, Mark Daniel ARMSTRONG, Earl Lee ARTHUR, Jr. ~Email, Neil David ASMUND ~Email, Bryan Lee AUNSPAUGH, Ian J. AUSTIN, aka Ian Valasquez ~Email

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Amy Lorraine BADBADA Olson, Kami Lynn BAISCH Lowry ~Email, Jared Gordon BAKER, Mary Theresa BALZARETTI Galloway ~Email, Mike BARNHART (honorary), Ben Hobert BARRIE ~Email, Sandi Luonne BAUDER Faith, Cynthia Cecilia "Cindy" BECKER ~Email, Brenda Lee BEEMAN, Heidi Anne Elizabeth BEITEL Dixon ~Email, Gregory Alan "Greg" BELL, Leslie Ann BELL, Aaron SCOTT BENDER, Raul BENET (FES), Danielle P. "Dani" BERGERE ~Email, Michelle Renee "Mikki" BERGMAN Davis, Jennifer Ann BERGSTROM Scalley, Peter Jason "Pete" BERRY ~Email, Ted BERRY (honorary) ~Email, Bryon A. BEYER, John R. BLACKARD, Gregory Steven "Greg" BLACKBURN, David O'Brien BLACKETER II ~Email, Kami C. BLEILER Softich, Travis Keith BOARD, Robert Wayne "Rob" BOCK, Shawn L. BOND ~Email, Janel BONNER Tingey, John Christopher BOYD, Alan M. BOZICEVICH, Jason Immanuel BRANDIS, Barbara Dianne BRESINA, Jennette Christine BRIDGES, David Robert "Dave" BRODERICK, Leigh BROMLEY, Steven "Steve" BROMLEY, Cynthia Colleen "Cindy" BROWN Eskeli ~Email, Nathan Paul BROWN ~Email, Ron K. BROWN (honorary) ~Email, David Joseph "Dave" BRULOTTE ~Email, Damon Andrew BRYAN ~Email, RustyLee Marie BUCKLIN, Peter S. BUDD ~Email, Heidi S. BUNDRANT Boe, Lisa BURRUP Mitton ~Email, Felicia LaRhonda BUTTS, Jon Richard BYERS ~Email

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Jennifer Christine CALDWELL Anderson ~Email, Victoria R. "Vikki" CALLOR, James William "Jim" CAREY III ~Email, Tabitha "Dawn" CARLSON MacDonald, Heather Marie CARSTENS Pedlar ~Email, Robby Burl CARTWRIGHT, Michael Dean "Mike" CASE ~Email, Andrea Jo CHILDERS, Marcia Laura CILLAN Irwin ~Email, Charmaine Lynette CLARK ~Email, Kristin Marie COFFMAN ~Email, Sarin Catherine COLLINS ~Email, Kerrilynn COLVIN Robinson ~Email, Juan LeVante COOPER ~Email, Mark Ellis COTTRELL, Kevin James CRANNA, Cheryl Elizabeth CRAYNE, Scott Allen CROSS ~Email, Elayne Marie CROWE Grueber ~Email, Melanie CRUSSELLE Thornhill (honorary), Melissa Rene CUSHING, Jill René CYPHER

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David Hugh "Dave" DAUGHERTY, Brett Edward DAVIS ~Email, Jacob William DAVIS, Shawn Rachelle DAVIS McFee, Thereasa Marie DEACY Trujillo ~Email, Annette Marie DEAN, Mary Jane DERANLEAU Kasey (honorary) ~Email, Jennifer Anne DESSAULES, Elke L. DIXON, Samantha Ann DOSSETT Jarvis, Terri Lynn DUFFIELD Mooney

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Robert André EINAN (deceased) 1970-2002, Andreas "Andi" EISENBLATTER (FES), Piper L. ELLINGSON, Romona Lisa ENTROP

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Jeannie Elizabeth FESER Henriksen ~Email, Jon Ronald FILKOWSKI ~Email, James Mackinlay "Jamie" FISHBACK ~Email, John Patrick FLANAGAN, James FLEMING (honorary), Carlos Dennis FLORES (deceased) 1970-1999, Todd Michael FOLEY ~Email, Paula HARRIET Forsberg (FES), David Garrison FOSTER, George William "Bill" FOX III, Cami FRESK Kitchens (honorary) ~Email, Sandra Lynn FRY, Laura Jeanine FRYER Rawlins ~Email, Kimberlee Kaye FULTON Padgett ~Email

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Richard Kenneth GALE, Heather GALLOWAY Gorby ~Email, Amita GARG, James Merrill GEE ~Email, Bryce Robert GEIGER, Jennifer Anne GIBBS, Judith Kaye "Judi" GIDDENS Reynolds ~Email, Brian Charles GILBERT, Trisha GILBERT Beitz (honorary) ~Email, Rob T. GIRARD (deceased), Scott A. GLASS ~Email, Kevin Graham GLOVER, Brion Douglas GODSIL ~Email, Glenn Ivan GOLDBERG ~Email, Caroline Elizabeth "Carrie" GOLES, David Bruce "Dave" GORE ~Email, James Carl GOTTULA ~Email, John Robert GREGORY, Travis Andrew GRIGGS ~Email, Cindy Marie GRISWOLD ~Email, Dellaina Lynne GRUVER Holland ~Email, Mike GRYTNESS (honorary) ~Email, Tracy Ann GUNTER Foskey ~Email, Joe GUSE (honorary)

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Jeffrey Thomas "Jeff" HAAS, Kathy Lynn HAGERMAN Stover ~Email, Sue Ann HAHN Melone, Bryan Leroy HALL, Henry HALL ~Email, Jeffrey Wayne "Jeff" HALL ~Email, Mike HALL (honorary) (deceased), William Patrick "Pat" HALL, Kelli Dawn HAMBROOK Meyers, Mary Elizabeth HARRISON Dupaquier ~Email, David Alan "Chief" HAUGEN (deceased) 1969-2010, Deanna Lynn HAYES, Deborah Lynn HELIN Dawkins ~Email, Scott Conde HERALD, Christine Marie HESS ~Email, David Lance "Dave" HEYER, Rachel Michelle HOF Paxton ~Email, Gwyn C. HOGLEN, Jeffrey Charles "Jeff" HUNTER, Karla Ann HUTTON

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Michele JACOBI, Brian Matthew JACOBSON ~Email, Ann Kathleen JAEGER Felton ~Email, Jeffrey John "Jeff" JANICEK, Paul David JEPPSON, Matthew Christopher "Matt" JOHNSON, Nicole Annette "Nikki" JOHNSON, Alicia Dawn JORDAN Lemburgh, Shawn JOSEPH

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Shannon Lynn KECK, Brian Joseph KEITH ~Email, Julie E. KEMPF ~Email, Kristen Marlo KIBBLE ~Email, Marie Kathleen KILLMER ~Email, Angela Lynn "Angie" KING Brosius ~Email, Brian Jason KIRKPATRICK, Dawn Michelle KISSIRE, Steven Carl "Steve" KJARMO, Deborah M. "Debbie" KLEM ~Email, Darcy L. KNORE ~Email, Lisa Eileen KOCH Muir ~Email, Stephanie A. KOERNER Schultz, Kevin Craig KOGA, Paul Michael KRAJICEK, Kelli Renee KRIEG Schreiner ~Email, Mary Therese KROGNESS Donley ~Email

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Lea Anne LAMPHERE, Robert James "Rob" LARDY ~Email, Beronica F. LARIOS, Angela Janette "Angie" LARSON, Matthew Christian "Matt" LAWRENCE, Richard Cory LEE, Kurt Allen LIGHTLE, Jason C. LINDBERGH, Shawna Dione LOGSDON Durham, Erik Michael LONG ~Email

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Dawn Marie MacDONALD ~Email, Colleen Marie MAHONEY Allen, Steven William "Steve" MAIURI ~Email, Tom Anthony MANTHEI, Christopher Paul "Chris" MANUEL, Neil Vance MARION, Shari L. MARTIN Perry ~Email, Shelley Ann MARTIN, Jason Lee MARTINEZ, Michelle Aimee MATHIEU Rubesch ~Email, Sam MAYFIELD (honorary) ~Email, Natalie Ann MAZZEI Maiuri ~Email, Lisa Antonson McCABE Antonson ~Email, Michael Scott "Mike" McCARGAR ~Email, Jodie Marie McCLELLAND Nutter ~Email, Kenneth Allen "Ken" McCULLOUGH, Vickie McELROY Waddle (honorary) ~Email, Josh Andrew McGOUGH, Kelli Jo McKENNEY ~Email, Tamara McLEMORE (honorary), Lisa Diane McNALLY Caynor ~Email, John Shannon McVAY, Dana Dee MEDEMA ~Email, Esmeralda MERCADO Cross, Tonya Elicia MESSMER Nogales, David John "Dave" MEYER ~Email, Sarah A. MEYER ~Email, Tonya Ann MICKENS, Timothy Maximillian "Max" MILLBAUER, Howie Michael MIURA, Cheryl Ann MOHR Johnson, Lisa Elaine MONASMITH, Jason Wayne MOORE, Larry S. MOORE, R. Paul MORRIS ~Email, Charles Edward "Charlie" MORTON ~Email, Jill Marie MUMPER

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Brigitta Kathleen NARUM (FES) ~Email, Peter John "Pete" NEWTON ~Email, Breck Romine NICHOLS ~Email, Kurt Gordon NICHOLSON, Sugie Theresa NICHOLSON ~Email, Nathan John NIXON ~Email, Betty Marie NORMAN Taylor, Scott Allan NORMAN, James Willard "Jim" NORTHROP ~Email Jim's Home Page

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Sharon Jean O'DONNELL Hall ~Email, Jon Carl OHRN, Katie Jane O'LEARY Wilburn ~Email, Erik Alexander OLSON ~Email, Heidi Linn O'MEARA, Dennis Patrick O'NEILL, Chad Eric OSTBOE ~Email Chad's Home Page, N. Doreen OSTLER Blanding ~Email Doreen's Home Page

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Joseph Vincent "Joe" PANESKO ~Email, Stephanie Michelle PANTHER Alexander ~Email, Veronica Tamara PARKER, Kathy Elizabeth PARTRICK Einan-Littrell ~Email, James Ky "Jim" PAYNE, David Jon "Dave" PEPIN, Ryan PETERSON, Chris PEYROUSE (honorary), Roger Byron PHELPS, Rose Anna PIERRO, Curtis Wade PITTS, Maureen Lee POE Johnson, Beth Annemarie POOLE LaDouceur-Eldhardt ~Email, Tanya Marie POSPICAL Faulk ~Email, Leah Kim POWERS Acton ~Email, Ray L. POYNER, John C. PRESCOTT, Angela Marie "Angie" STEIN-PROBASCO Kurek ~Email

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Kelli RAMSEY Ginn (honorary) ~Email, Dustin Aaron RECTOR, Bryan Walter REED ~Email, Evan M. REILLY, Linette Christine RHOADS, Angela Irene "Angie" RHODES Parker (deceased) 1970-2009, Matthew A. "Matt" RICHARDSON, Lana Renae RICHTERICH, Steven Daniel "Steve" RINGO, Laura Kristine ROBERTS ~Email, Rosalinda C. "Rosie" RODRIQUEZ Gregory ~Email, Nathaniel Leonard ROMANELLI, Kimberly Gae "Kim" ROSS Nelson ~Email, Norman Lee RUMMEL ~Email, Kyra Lynn RUSSELL Mathews ~Email, Jill RUTLEDGE Russell ~Email, Kathy RYAN Maisey (honorary) ~Email

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Jonna SCHAI Heinen (honorary) ~Email, Jason Garth SADLER ~Email, Jennifer Inez SAMS Stachofsky ~Email, Colin Matthew SAMUELS, Patrick "John" SCALISE, Diana Lee SCHIEFELBEIN, Jeffery Allen "Jeff" SCHMIDT ~Email, Shelly SCOTT Ellis (honorary) ~Email, Janet SCRAFFORD, Christina Ann SELL Strickland ~Email, Cathleen Denise "Cathy" SHAPLEY Somdahl ~Email, Ronald Lyle "Ron" SHELBY ~Email, Joseph Ryan "Joe" SHIPPERT ~Email, Deborah Maie "Debbie" SHIREY, Doniella Charlene SILVERNAIL Guthrie, Tracy Lynn SIMAS (aka Harvest A. Rich) ~Email, Tracy's Home Page, Patrick SIMPKINS (honorary), Haylie SMITH, Johanna SMITH Cook (honorary) ~Email, Laura Elaine SMITH Hernandez ~Email, Lora Janette SMITH Desemple, Jennifer Dianne SONNICHSEN ~Email, Kraig Charles SORENSEN ~Email, Katherine Anne "Kate" SPRUTE ~Email, Dyan Marie STAHL Woodward ~Email, Blake Richards STANCIK ~Email, Dustin H. STECKER, Corrina Kay STEPHENS Maxey ~Email, Thomas Allen "Tom" STEPHENSON ~Email, Janet Lynn STOLTE Gates ~Email, Gillian Elizabeth "Jill" STRAND ~Email, Kathy STREGE Runnells (honorary) ~Email, Darren Dennis STRENGE ~Email, Jackie Renée SULLIVAN, Mats O. SUNDBURG (FES), Marie Faye SWINNEY Paine

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Dominic Ramon TAFOYA (deceased) 1970-2011, Scott Craig THIELMAN ~Email, Michelle Leigh THOMAS Baker, Kerry Michelle TILLEMAN ~Email, Steve TINKHAM (honorary) ~Email, Stacy TINKOM (honorary), Laura Lynn TITUS Leavitt ~Email, Cori Colleen TOWNSEND Blake, Tracy A. TROYER Greene ~Email, Patrick Francis "Pat" TURNER ~Email

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Imran Kalim ULLAH, Keith UNG ~Email, Shane UPSON (honorary)

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Xavier Patricio VALDIVIESO (FES), Billy VANCE (honorary), Danette Christine VENTERS (deceased) 1968-2006, Wade Christopher VENTERS ~Email, Melissa Lynn VODNEY, Jennifer Anne "Jenny" VOLMER Olsen ~Email, Paul Joseph VOPALENSKY ~Email, Jim VOTENDAHL (honorary)

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Jeff Patrick WALKER, Jason Blaine WALTON ~Email, Whitney WARNER Pofahl ~Email, Mary Lee WEAVER Goforth ~Email, Joey WEBB, Pamela Lynn "Pam" WEIBLE Uran ~Email, Jeffery Paul "Jeff" WENNER ~Email, Christy WHEELER (honorary) ~Email, Linda Jane WIERENGA ~Email, Carla Sue WILDENBORG Johnsten, Angela Marry WILSON, Carin Anne WILSON Marney ~Email, Tara Marie WILSON, Sonya Yvette WINTERHALDER ~Email, Michelle WISTISEN Marsh, Thomas Matthew "Tom" WITHERS, Daniel Eugene "Dan" WOLF, Laurie Lynne WOOD ~Email, Richard Anthony "Tony" WOODS ~Email, Ann Elizabeth WORTHINGTON

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Peter Scott "Pete" YOUNG ~Email, Kristi YULE (honorary)

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Joel William ZIEGE, Joseph Paul "Joe" ZIPPERER ~Email, Patti Marie ZIPPERER Wood ~Email

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